Friday, 24 July 2009

No sew weekend

Had plans of sewing lots of things this weekend, prior to returning to work after a few weeks holiday, but this has been curtailed. Have had the pleasure of looking after two grandchildren today, and D4, husband and baby (5.5m) arrived to stay for the next two nights, and am having 3 oldest grandchildren (7y, 3y, 8.5m) staying on Saturday night. Which leaves absolutely no time for sewing, but plenty of time for fun and laughter. Will have Monday to recover (and sew), then back to work (and time budgeting) on Tuesday.

Next post in a few days.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hi everyone,

As you can see I am back from my short holiday, and have begun my next project - a pair of pillowcases for D3. The quilt will be a Christmas present, as I only have 3 days to finish the pillow cases (I will have to pack some sewing in over the next couple of days) I have cut the patches out, now I only need to sew them together.

Didn't have the opportunity to take many photos during my small
break, so there are no photos of that, but I did do a little shopping while in WA. Found a lovely little shop in Midlands, and brought some panels to make 3 rag books, 1 Hoppy the Kangaroo and 2 Paddington Bear panels, for 3 of the daughters (3y, 8m & 6m)

and also a panel (Three little Kittens) from Beatrix Potter's range for D5(17y) [her choice]

I also got a couple of doggy bags of some very bright, kid material scraps - I think they are gorgeous, and suit the personality of miss3 perfectly, now I just need to find where I can get some larger pieces of the more interesting pieces.

Monday, 6 July 2009

First project finished at last :)

Have finally finished Claire's quilt, just in time to go away for a holiday. This is the first major project completed, now I can get on with finishing a few minor projects, and starting the next major project. Minor projects will include assorted toys for younger g'children, and a kindy bag for miss 3, and a pretty bag for miss 7. Also will start work on the quilt and pillow case set for miss T. I am hoping to have these completed for birthdays and Christmas. Of course all the birthdays are close to Christmas, so I should have plenty of time to do these - that is the plan anyway, but every one knows that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray :)))

Here is the photo of Claire's finished quilt, very assymetrical, but I like the effect. Miss 7 is helping with the display