Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Leibster Award

I've had this award passed on to me from Anne of Snail Patches. Liebster means "favourite" in German and this award is given out to blogs with 200 or less followers. So I now need to pass the award onto 5 blogs and let them know they've been given an award. The other thing I have to do is tell you five things about me. So here goes...... 1 - I am retired, and loving it 2 - I am mother to 5 daughters, and grandmother to 5 wonderful girls - ages ranging fro 10 years to 6 months 3 - I love knitting & am making socks & knitted dolls (from Jean Greenhowe designs) 4 - I love dogs & have an 8 year old male Chihuahua, who thinks he is a Rottweiler & a 19 month old female American Staffordshire x American Pitbull (who is absolutely beautiful & gentle) 5 - I do not like cooking :) Now to pass this forward:- 1 - Vanessa of Timeless Oasis Garden 2 - Bec of Oh Sew Busy 3 - Fiona@Dragonfly-Crafts 4 - Shiralee Sttches 5 - The Chocolate Cat

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Gifts & Goodies

Easter Mamma Ducks and Ducklings made for my 5 grand daughters for their Easter gift. They loved the ducks and asked if they could have a Papa duck also 
This is the Easter cake which one of my daughters made. She has never had any lessons in cake decoration 

I hope every one has had a wonderful day today, filled with fun and family xoxo