Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Update on Sewing room and Guest room transformation

Well, the attempt to make a user friendly sewing room come guest room seems to be a pipe dream at this moment in time, for two (2) reasons:- (1) The room is not big enough, and (2) there is just too much stuff - furniture, material, sewing machines (over-locker & regular machine) toys for grandchildren. I think I need a new house (or I could make myself accept the offer of a new room - DH is a bit reticent in agreeing with this tho". I have tried to tell him that it is cheaper than a new house - no luck at this time; so will keep trying (insert evil chuckle here, please)

Sorry, no follow-up pictures of my poor, sad room.



Addition to post:- I am having another think about this room, and I will give it another go - my lovely sister might visit and help with ideas :)