Sunday, 30 August 2009

Give-away wonders from around the world

Have just been checking out a few blogs that I happened on, and found some very pretty give-away's. If you want a little purse, head on over to LeKaQuilt  she has some gorgeous little bags, in all sorts of colours.

There is another give-away at Drommequilten check it out - a lovely little bag and Moda Posh.

And the third give-away for tonight is at Mama Spark's world and is for a stack of Robyn Pandolph Folk Art Christmas 3 containing 21 Fat quarters, so check it out.



Saturday, 29 August 2009

Costumes and fun

Ok, so this is the second post for the day, but I have been busy creating - the previous one isn't that pretty, but it does what it is meant to. Anyway, onto this posting. My eldest gd's have been to dress-up parties, and had cardboard capes to go with their costumes, so grandma to the rescue - and 2 new capes for vampire costumes. I can see them being worn to many more parties
Now on to the next lot of projects.
Blessings to all

Sewing machine cover - only creator can love this one!

I have finally finished my sewing machine cover for the "August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge" from Jenny of Elefantz. It's not the most beautiful in the world. It is a bit rough and ready, , and it goes with the native environment, and it will keep the machine dust free and clean. I have also used material that I have had for about 15 years, and only found it the other day when I was looking for my Overlocker (in the shed) - I hadn't seen that for about 10 years. The appliqué came from a set of placemats that have never been used, and would have been thrown out if I hadn't started quilting. Anyway, the cover is now finished, and the Overlocker feels loved again - she is going for a service in November when the technician comes to town. I will be able to make her feel useful again after that.
Blessings to all

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fabric acquisitions - part II

Well here I am again with the next lot of photos of my (I think) beautiful stash, including the books purchased to help with ideas for the projects.
The projects I plan to complete include:- Kimono style pj's, Jumper dress with bloomers, Concertina book, the baby blocks, Brag book, Family Album, Travel bibs with carry bag, and probably most of the items in the book, they are so cute, and I have 100 years to fill in with sewing - haven't I. The patterns seem to be fairly simple to do also. Haven't looked at the "Stitches" book properly yet.

Now I just need to work out how to manage the updated version of composing a posting - so I can put the information next to the appropriate photo.

Well that is the end of the new additions to the stash, and the last additions for a while (unless absolutely necessary)

Blessings to all

Fabric Aquisitions - Part I

This is the first part of photographic evidence of my ever expanding fabric stash. I never thought I was a shopaholic, but am rapidly reviewing my thoughts on this. After re-arranging my work/guest room (see previous blog), and beginning on the shed :)), I have found fabric I had forgotten about. Sooooo now I have put a block on myself. I am not allowing myself to buy any more fabric until I have used at least half of what I have accumulated. I hope this doesn't take too long, cos the fabric makers are producing more and more beautiful fabrics, and I want them.

Fat quarters purchased for various projects that are in the process of beginning. These projects are from Amy Butler's "Little stitches for little ones". I also have purchased her "Stitches" book, and some of those projects will also be completed.

These fabrics are designated for a couple of vampire capes for my two eldest grand-daughters. The oldest of the pair attended a dress-up party, and was a vampire, but only had a cardboard cape (mum forgot that grandma was a stitcher). Now both girls will have a beautiful cape to play in. Not sure if the colour difference in the material is evident, but seen in real life, they are so different, and soooo silky - delicious!

These fabrics are also designated for various projects - little girl dresses, baby clothes and some toys. Some of it may even make it to other useful items - binder covers, kids travel bags - just to name a few - just need to get the mind working for outcomes.

Part II to follow

Blessings to all

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Update on Sewing room and Guest room transformation

Well, the attempt to make a user friendly sewing room come guest room seems to be a pipe dream at this moment in time, for two (2) reasons:- (1) The room is not big enough, and (2) there is just too much stuff - furniture, material, sewing machines (over-locker & regular machine) toys for grandchildren. I think I need a new house (or I could make myself accept the offer of a new room - DH is a bit reticent in agreeing with this tho". I have tried to tell him that it is cheaper than a new house - no luck at this time; so will keep trying (insert evil chuckle here, please)

Sorry, no follow-up pictures of my poor, sad room.



Addition to post:- I am having another think about this room, and I will give it another go - my lovely sister might visit and help with ideas :)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Well the embroideries for my first stitchery quilt are coming along nicely, and the third on is now completed. The fourth one has been put on hold for a week or so, I have quite a few projects that need to be completed in the next few months - birthdays and Christmas - the birthdays begin in October, the next in November then 3 in December and, of course, Christmas. I then get a break til February, when I have two more birthdays. And the cycle continues - but it is all fun, especially trying to decide what to make for each girl. While they are tiny, it is easy.

That is it for this session, next few sessions I will show the yummy fabrics recently added to my ever growing stash.



Monday, 10 August 2009

Jenny of Elefantz give-away

Check it out, it is totally beautiful - swing by her blog and check out the contents of the giveaway to decide if you want to enter, just vist Jenny of Elefantz



Sewing rooms & guest rooms

Last weekend was wonderful, having spent it with my sister and three of her daughters, and also had help sorting out my sewing machine - it was giving me grief and not being helpful at all - I was getting ready to trade it in on a different brand of machine. The problems have all been sorted, and I have made friends with my machine - have even given her the name of Xantha, so a new friendship has finally begun. I have two old sewing machines which I am now going to clean and (hopefully) get working properly again. If that happens, one machine will be gifted to either D4 or D5, and sewing lessons will be included with the gift. If not, I will have two spare machines to play with, instead of one.

The other activity (for want of a better word) I have begun, is the transformation of a spare room into a serviceable workroom come guest room. For this to be totally workable, I will need to take out a built in shelving wardrobe, and build some floor to ceiling shelves, so that I can store everything in a logical and orderly manner. That task was begun today, then I thought that I might just put in a pictorial log of the progress, so the room at the beginning of the transformation are as follows.

Well, what a mess, now all I need to do is to be really tough on myself and get rid of the stuff that I haven't seen for a few years. Then build some floor to ceiling shelves, and stack everything properly so that it is easily found - a place for everything and everything in its place (omg, what have I let myself in for???)
Keep posted for the continuing saga of the room transformation, and also for any more completed projects. Should be simple [:0

Thanks for visiting, and keep the creative juices flowing.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Baby quilts and bags

First two stitcheries for baby quilt #1 finished. Only about 14 to go.

Appliquéd front and back panels for D4's nappy bag, photos below show the progress of the construction of the bag.

This section of photos show the completed bag from all aspects. All that is needed now is to add decorative closures for each of the pockets.
N0w I just hope that my daughter likes it, and it is as useful as I hope it will be (is there enough space for all the requirements for the baby on an outing?)

One more project completed, lots more to go...............

This is a wonderful weekend, I have my sister and 3 nieces visiting. We are now waiting for all to be ready, so that we can visit the younger mothers of the family, and their babies. They are so cute (but I'm really not biased)

Well that is it for this session, on to some more creations hahaha

To borrow from "Mellie & Me" - May the floss (or your choice of medium) be with you


Friday, 7 August 2009

Fibonacci patterns in quilting

Just a general query, hoping some one can help me with. Has anyone made a quilt using the Fibonacci number sequencing to dictate the pattern? Does anyone have information on where I can get instruction for this patterning? I have searched the internet, and there are instructional workshops, and am about to visit the local library, but so far have had no can help me with this request.