Friday, 26 August 2011

Upgrading & rejuvenating

Hi all,
Have had a frustrating few days over the last few weeks. First had arranged for plumber to replace existing shower with a more user friendly one, and secondly, to replace all pipes from house to septic tank (not really a topic for quilting blog, maybe will change name to life blog). Plumber visited to assess & make quote, and didn't return for a fortnight. Shower base replaced on the Friday, hubby & I attempted to put remainder of shower together - Base was 100mm larger than ordered - so contacted retail company, requested remainder of shower be replaced for components to fit base, at no extra cost to us. This was accepted - now waiting for remainder of shower cubicle to arrive. Plumbers supposed to return on following Monday - no show!  Contacted company & advised that workers were off sick. Work began, & completed, on Tuesday, now we have a dust bowl  in the back yard & the dirt ends up in the house - yay. Anyway, enough rambling, onto something more interesting - making quilts

Blessings to All