Monday, 29 August 2011

The best laid plans of mice & men

Hi all, 
Well I had a lovely afternoon, of knitting and project preparing, planned for my Sunday afternoon. The morning was spent visiting relatives, and taking 3 of my gd's for their weekly treat (if the parents think they have behaved well enough), then to home to relax. My plans were changed, due to a daughter being admitted to hospital for rest & some tests. So had a great afternoon with youngest GD. Daughter is due to have baby in about weeks, and was a little ill, she is due to be discharged today. She is well, all this was precautionary, only
We are now watching cartoons, while waiting for daughter to call. Then it will be knitting or sewing this afternoon.
Well that is all for now, thanks for reading my little notes

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crocheted Rug - UFO

I began this blanket 4 years ago, but didn't really like it, so put it away. Youngest daughtermoved to Adelaide for Uni, so have now finished it for her. It's pretty basic, but it is now finished.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Upgrading & rejuvenating

Hi all,
Have had a frustrating few days over the last few weeks. First had arranged for plumber to replace existing shower with a more user friendly one, and secondly, to replace all pipes from house to septic tank (not really a topic for quilting blog, maybe will change name to life blog). Plumber visited to assess & make quote, and didn't return for a fortnight. Shower base replaced on the Friday, hubby & I attempted to put remainder of shower together - Base was 100mm larger than ordered - so contacted retail company, requested remainder of shower be replaced for components to fit base, at no extra cost to us. This was accepted - now waiting for remainder of shower cubicle to arrive. Plumbers supposed to return on following Monday - no show!  Contacted company & advised that workers were off sick. Work began, & completed, on Tuesday, now we have a dust bowl  in the back yard & the dirt ends up in the house - yay. Anyway, enough rambling, onto something more interesting - making quilts

Blessings to All

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Japanese Quilt

Well, I am slowly getting back into my quilting and other things, after very intermitent work. About 12 months ago, I purchased a beautiful Japanese Quilt Kit. put it aside until I thought I had enough experience and expertise to produce perfect work, but then I decided that it would be ok to start making the blocks, as long as I took it slowly and checked everything for each block many times. I began the first block within a few weeks of purchasing the kit, and have now almost completed this first block, but it is so pretty that I am putting a photo on my blog now. The only part not finished, is the moss at the base of the tree.
So, here is the block that I am very proud of - I thought that I would make a mess of it. Now I can begin the second block. Sorry about the sideways photo, but I don't know how to make it turn

The blocks will be posted as they are finished, then the quilt when it has been completed.

I have set myself a challenge to complete a project every 2 months. I was going to make it every month, but that sounded too close - I will see how it goes.

Blessings to all