Saturday, 8 August 2009

Baby quilts and bags

First two stitcheries for baby quilt #1 finished. Only about 14 to go.

Appliquéd front and back panels for D4's nappy bag, photos below show the progress of the construction of the bag.

This section of photos show the completed bag from all aspects. All that is needed now is to add decorative closures for each of the pockets.
N0w I just hope that my daughter likes it, and it is as useful as I hope it will be (is there enough space for all the requirements for the baby on an outing?)

One more project completed, lots more to go...............

This is a wonderful weekend, I have my sister and 3 nieces visiting. We are now waiting for all to be ready, so that we can visit the younger mothers of the family, and their babies. They are so cute (but I'm really not biased)

Well that is it for this session, on to some more creations hahaha

To borrow from "Mellie & Me" - May the floss (or your choice of medium) be with you