Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fabric acquisitions - part II

Well here I am again with the next lot of photos of my (I think) beautiful stash, including the books purchased to help with ideas for the projects.
The projects I plan to complete include:- Kimono style pj's, Jumper dress with bloomers, Concertina book, the baby blocks, Brag book, Family Album, Travel bibs with carry bag, and probably most of the items in the book, they are so cute, and I have 100 years to fill in with sewing - haven't I. The patterns seem to be fairly simple to do also. Haven't looked at the "Stitches" book properly yet.

Now I just need to work out how to manage the updated version of composing a posting - so I can put the information next to the appropriate photo.

Well that is the end of the new additions to the stash, and the last additions for a while (unless absolutely necessary)

Blessings to all

Fabric Aquisitions - Part I

This is the first part of photographic evidence of my ever expanding fabric stash. I never thought I was a shopaholic, but am rapidly reviewing my thoughts on this. After re-arranging my work/guest room (see previous blog), and beginning on the shed :)), I have found fabric I had forgotten about. Sooooo now I have put a block on myself. I am not allowing myself to buy any more fabric until I have used at least half of what I have accumulated. I hope this doesn't take too long, cos the fabric makers are producing more and more beautiful fabrics, and I want them.

Fat quarters purchased for various projects that are in the process of beginning. These projects are from Amy Butler's "Little stitches for little ones". I also have purchased her "Stitches" book, and some of those projects will also be completed.

These fabrics are designated for a couple of vampire capes for my two eldest grand-daughters. The oldest of the pair attended a dress-up party, and was a vampire, but only had a cardboard cape (mum forgot that grandma was a stitcher). Now both girls will have a beautiful cape to play in. Not sure if the colour difference in the material is evident, but seen in real life, they are so different, and soooo silky - delicious!

These fabrics are also designated for various projects - little girl dresses, baby clothes and some toys. Some of it may even make it to other useful items - binder covers, kids travel bags - just to name a few - just need to get the mind working for outcomes.

Part II to follow

Blessings to all