Friday, 15 July 2011

Almost Wedding Ring Quilt Workshop

This is the pride of my quilting accomplishments. I began this as a rank beginner, in July last year, and finally finished it in June, this year. I was very nervous about attempting this quilt, as it takes me a little while to get the concept of some things (which makes me a little slower at getting things done). On the first day of the workshop, I was so stressed by the whole thing, that I almost did not complete the workshop, but one of the other ladies gave me a bit of moral support & I completed the workshop. I am so proud of the fact that I completed the remainder of the work on the quilt, with very little assistance from anyone else. My grand-daughter loves the quilt - it was supposed to be for her 9th birthday, in October 2010, but she has got it now and it has pride of place on her bed.
In this quilt, I have also learnt how to do freehand quilting, and have also been able to add little pictures into the stitching. Unfortunately, I have not taken the photo in a way that will make this feature visible, so I cannot show off that little bit. I will be continuing to practice this skill, as I like the way it looks on the quilt.
Well, that is all for this small feature, so until next time, happy sewing and many blessings