Saturday, 29 August 2009

Costumes and fun

Ok, so this is the second post for the day, but I have been busy creating - the previous one isn't that pretty, but it does what it is meant to. Anyway, onto this posting. My eldest gd's have been to dress-up parties, and had cardboard capes to go with their costumes, so grandma to the rescue - and 2 new capes for vampire costumes. I can see them being worn to many more parties
Now on to the next lot of projects.
Blessings to all

Sewing machine cover - only creator can love this one!

I have finally finished my sewing machine cover for the "August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge" from Jenny of Elefantz. It's not the most beautiful in the world. It is a bit rough and ready, , and it goes with the native environment, and it will keep the machine dust free and clean. I have also used material that I have had for about 15 years, and only found it the other day when I was looking for my Overlocker (in the shed) - I hadn't seen that for about 10 years. The appliqué came from a set of placemats that have never been used, and would have been thrown out if I hadn't started quilting. Anyway, the cover is now finished, and the Overlocker feels loved again - she is going for a service in November when the technician comes to town. I will be able to make her feel useful again after that.
Blessings to all