Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bits & Bobs for new quilting & knitting projects

Hi all, have just had a lovely day with sister and neice. Firstly stopped in at a lovely shop, NeedleNook, and purchased some supplies to begin making socks and gloves for my ill (but improving) father. Then on to visit daughter, to return misplaced keys, then to visit father in hospital. This photo is showing a much improved (healthwise) man. He has actually filled out, and is able to walk around his room independently. This photo was taken after a very busy morning and afternoon, so he is looking a little tired.

The following photos include fabric purchased about a month ago, for a project that I am gradually formulating. The fabrics include a Geisha panel, Koi panel, and Spring Garden fabric. The knitting supplies include various knitting needles, various pattern books, and the yarn to make the projects. The grey yarn is pure Alpaca, and is for socks and gloves for my father, and the varigated yarn is made of NZ Merino, Alpaca, nylon and possum. Both yarns feel absolutely beautiful.
I am looking forward to starting work on all of these projects, the gloves and socks will be first.

Blessings to all, and happy creating