Sunday, 23 May 2010

Help needed urgently!

I am finally back from an extended beak from serious computing, and I need a little bit of assistance from anyone out there who does tapesty, and knows how to clean it. I have 4 small famed tapestries, which were made by one of my sisters, for another of my sisters, and they need cleaning. I don't want to take them out of the frames, cos then they would need to be reframed. The receiving sister is now deceased, and her daughter inherited them, and wants to return them to her aunt as a 60th birthday present - she did want me to reframe them as well, but each tapestry is stitched onto the backing, then famed, so I am not happy to do that - but they do need to be cleaned - is there an easy and quick way to do this?

Any information regarding this will be gratefully accepted.

Blessings to all