Monday, 10 August 2009

Jenny of Elefantz give-away

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Sewing rooms & guest rooms

Last weekend was wonderful, having spent it with my sister and three of her daughters, and also had help sorting out my sewing machine - it was giving me grief and not being helpful at all - I was getting ready to trade it in on a different brand of machine. The problems have all been sorted, and I have made friends with my machine - have even given her the name of Xantha, so a new friendship has finally begun. I have two old sewing machines which I am now going to clean and (hopefully) get working properly again. If that happens, one machine will be gifted to either D4 or D5, and sewing lessons will be included with the gift. If not, I will have two spare machines to play with, instead of one.

The other activity (for want of a better word) I have begun, is the transformation of a spare room into a serviceable workroom come guest room. For this to be totally workable, I will need to take out a built in shelving wardrobe, and build some floor to ceiling shelves, so that I can store everything in a logical and orderly manner. That task was begun today, then I thought that I might just put in a pictorial log of the progress, so the room at the beginning of the transformation are as follows.

Well, what a mess, now all I need to do is to be really tough on myself and get rid of the stuff that I haven't seen for a few years. Then build some floor to ceiling shelves, and stack everything properly so that it is easily found - a place for everything and everything in its place (omg, what have I let myself in for???)
Keep posted for the continuing saga of the room transformation, and also for any more completed projects. Should be simple [:0

Thanks for visiting, and keep the creative juices flowing.