Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sewing mat challenge.

Whew, I made it. Not quite the mat that I wanted to present, but it does the job and the butterflies will make me feel extra wonderful when I am sewing.

This is an interim sewing mat, as I was fast running out of time to finish the challenge, so threw together this very basic mat. I am continuing to work on the mat that I want (it has a few little embellishments included), but this one was made so that I could complete the challenge.

There are just too many birthdays etc in the next few months, combined with Christmas and work (really gets in the way of sewing), I need another 6 hours each day, at least. Unfortunately, this will be the last challenge for me, until after February. All b'days complete until the last 4 months of the year, so now I will be concentrating on the gifts for my daughters and grand daughters.

Blessings to all



Anonymous said...

Beautiful butterflies, I know what you mean about too many birthdays, I have had 9 presents to make in the space of a few months, seems like that was all I was doing. hugs xxxx

QuiltSue said...

Well done on finishing the Butterfly Bed! As for needing more hours in a day, someone once told me the answer is to sleep faster!!

Anne said...

Yay, well done you! As for more time - you need the Quilter's watch, just add another 4 hours to the extra 2 it already has and voila - 6 more hours :0)