Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Christmas Table Runner

Hi all, since my last post, I experienced some interesting turns. Firstly, I decided that it was time to retire, and let the yongsters step up to a higher level of responsibility - so now I can sew or quilt whenever I want. The second turn was a car crash - I escaped with no injuries, but the car was written off, so now I have a beautiful new car. On to the photo, this is a challenge for thguid that I attend, and it s a Christmas table runner. My daughter says it looks good, so I am trusting her judgement.
That's all for this post, but I hope to have more projects finished.
This I via mobile phone, so I will probably need to edit when I have internet back on track

1 comment:

Anne said...

Welcome back! Wonderful to see you here again. The table runner looks good - think you've done very well since it was something you found hard to get enthused about :0)
Hugs to you.