Sunday, 11 September 2011

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Well, I have begun knitting with my Alpaca purchases, and it feels so good. The yarn is so soft, and doesn't make me itchy like the pure woollen yarns do. I also feel that I am extremely fortunate with a purchase I made on Friday at the Royal Adelaide Show. It was miserable weather, but the animals were wonderful, especially the goats, alpacas and the reptiles. But, I digress, after communing with the goats and alpacas, I had a conversation with an alpaca owner, and discovered that there were articles of clothing (hats, gloves and scarves, etc) along with yarns and fleeces. I then ventured to the area of sale of these articles, and purchased a hat, scarf and pair of gloves, and then priced a quantity of yarn, for a knitted jacket for myself, and was pleasantly surprised by the cost. So, needless to say iq so purchased the yarn. I had (2 days previous) purchased a small amount of alpaca yarn, to make socks and gloves for my father, and have begun knitting these, and now I want to get these finished, so that I can begin my jacket. If the knitting be ones prolific, I might even begin buying fleece, and spin my own yarn, depends if there is still a spinning wheel within my family. I did take some photos at the show, so if they actually worked, I shall add them to this post later on tomorrow. I arrived home today, after 9 days in Adelaide, so now I will need to do some sorting out, so that I can get back into my sewing room. Well that is all for now, I suppose I should try to get some sleep before the sun comes up again. Blessings to all, and happy creating.

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