Monday, 30 January 2012

Bags, wall hangings & quilt tops

Hi to anyone who happens to visit me, these are a few things that I have made over the last few months. I don't think I have previously posted them, if I have, I will just have to remove them again.
I have had a pretty hectic few weeks, with trying to sort out a house which refuses to be sorted at this point so it will take a lot longer than I want it to. Getting rid of junk in the back yard, so that I can make a garden retreat (for myself to hide away, when I feel the need) and a regular garden in the remaining unfenced area, suitable for dogs and grandchildren to play in :))

The panel below is called "Hidden Wells". Since this photo was taken, i have sewn the pieces together & I need to find some fabric to complement or contrast, so I can complete it

I have just finished a Beatrix Potter Wall hanging for my DD5, of the three little kittens. I will show the front, but no-one is allowed to see the back of it. 
 I have also completed another recycled jeans shoulder bag - for DGD1, and she absolutely loves it. Might get orders from some of her friends - will see what happens!!!!

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Anne said...

Love that quilt and the colours. Haven't seen that one before - can't wait to see it finished :0)